The Affect of the Shift to Media Online has had for Me

     Facebook. Tab. Miami Bible Church. Tab. E-mail. Tab. Miami Dade College Virtual School.

These websites are some of the many I usually have “up” on my web browser. Media online has made a huge impact on my life. However, I have to say that the shift to consuming media online has had both positive and negative influences on my life.

One negative that has occurred since the ongoing shift to media online for me is that it is way easier to waste my time. I’ve consumed a lot of my time on social media. My use of Facebook has not yielded good results in my attempt to manage my time well. However, time management isn’t my only concern. I see all social media wrapping around, consuming, and producing selfish, insecure people. People are becoming trapped in this dare of trying to become more likeable than their “friends” and everybody else in the world. I believe that people need to be very careful with this aspect of media online, in order that they may see the negative fruits it produces for one.

Nevertheless, there are all also many positives that have come out of the shift to media online. First and foremost, I am thankful for the easy access to the Bible online, as well as my church’s website. Those have given me much benefit in my critical thinking and spiritual walk with the Lord. Another positive for me has been the online college virtual school my school supplies. It has been a tremendous accomplice with finishing my AA degree in a convenient manner. There have been many other media helps that I am thankful for, such as being able to contact people via e-mail or Skype. Some of these media sources have been very helpful for necessary contact with business clients and memorable chats with long-distant friends.

As a result, I do use media online a lot. I find the shift very resourceful, although I am limiting my time on the internet. I believe that there is even more potential for media online out there, and for those who work in the media industry. There is a lot of creativity that has come out of using the internet. In the end, I believe the shift to consuming media online has been more of a positive influence on my life than a negative one. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it’s resourceful!


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