Rebecca – 11.14 | Quince photos

Today is the day I share the photos of my new friend, Rebecca! As I think back on that beautiful day, I recall the funny adventure it was. I knew Rebecca’s mom through our local homeschooling group and her dad did our new kitchen reno, but I hadn’t had the chance to speak with Rebecca on the phone or in person before the day of our shoot. All I knew was that she was turning fifteen (more like, thirty ;) ) and that her mom wanted portraits of her. She said that her evening was pretty busy, and that she trusted me to drive her wherever I deemed a good spot (no pressure!). So the day came, her mom dropped her off with my sister and I, and off we went!

We talked about the books we like, our families and their quirks, and a whole lot of other things. My sister and I had a fun time getting to know this lovely girl, and I pray that she will grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. <3







Rebecca De Ara




DSC_0287-1 DSC_0288-1 DSC_0290-1

DSC_0295-1 DSC_0298-1 DSC_0299-2-2


DSC_0310-1 DSC_0315-1

 DSC_0328-2 DSC_0333-1


DSC_0358-1  DSC_0350-1


2 thoughts on “Rebecca – 11.14 | Quince photos

  1. they came out beautiful my are nw a beautiful young lady and no longer chasing lizards and collecting moonstones with me in the backyard.i cherish that as i will cherish these pictures.i love you .your primo luis

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